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       Success was in the stars for Marty and ROCKETBUSTER ... before too long he was traveling and selling boots to stores around the world. People embraced ROCKETBUSTER's spaceage vintage style. The business was growing.  It could no longer share space with his photo studio and in 1992 he purchased ROCKETBUSTER's permanent home and headquarters in the historic Union Plaza District of downtown El Paso. The building was perfect for "the Buster" ...Built in 1900 it housed a fur trappers warehouse way back when. Traps and hides were sold and the evidence remains in the menagerie of animal names still visable on the walls. I guess you could say the building has always been full of leather.

  Today the ROCKETBUSTER tradition is carried on by Marty's better half and "pardner" in the company Nevena Christi, another "Texas Transplant" but also a cowgal from way back. 

      She came to El Paso in 1995 to commission ROCKETBUSTER to collaborate on some outrageous boots for Nicole Miller's New York runway show. 

  Well... life and hormones being what they are ,  next thing you know Marty was in New York City shooting his own creations on the catwalk and the two were inseparable.   ...But what chance of dating could a New York Fashion Designer and an El Paso Photographer have?  ...And how does this involve footwear?...


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