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   Well folks, fate stepped in again and this time it was a pair of running shoes that kept their relationship going.

  Marty was running a marathon a month and trying to check off every state in America... So they dated in towns like Tupelo Mississippi, Traverse City Michigan, South Bend Indiana, and so on and so on.....

Now you might wonder how long one man can juggle a professional photo biz, a cowboy boot company, an athletic dream, and a cross country romance. Well, it lasted two years and just when the overtime seemed to be taking its toll, Marty asked Nevena to move to Texas.

Nevena was no stranger to design having studied at some of the finest schools in Europe and New York. She had fifteen years experience working as an artist, graphic designer, and fashion designer. She was also

an avid collector of vintage clothing , board games, cap guns, WWII era pulp novels and couldn't help saying

"You know Marty... our stuff would look really good together!"   So April 14th, 1997 Nevena left New York singing "Come Tax Day I'll be in Texas"... and she was. 

    Taking the helm at Rocketbuster was a smooth transition and she had a few ideas of her own. New styles seemed to invent themselves and going 100% CUSTOM was the next step.

    Nevena fell in love with ROCKETBUSTER ...the customers were amazing and the building was fabulous. They worked on many new additions, 

but the best was their son "Trip" who became the newest BUSTER in 2004.  

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