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Marty's location vehicle a 1953 Cadillac Hearse was traded for 2 sewing machines , 2 employees, a pile of leather and some patterns.....and most importantly the ROCKETBUSTER name.

    The ROCKETBUSTER name was just "the icing on the cake" to a guy that collected vintage Ray-Guns and Cowboy Boots. It was like finding luggage with his initials already on it!  He couldn't pass it up.

    So you might wonder what a creative guy like Marty says to himself after a night like that.                    

    Regrets......Nahh...Not his style! 

    He thought,   "Hey, I'd like to make boots like Roy Rogers wore in the movies!"

    Bring back the vintage styling, classic techniques, and the best of the best materials.  Not too long after, Marty was on the phone to Roy Rogers himself and who could have guessed but Roy was looking for someone to make his signature boots. Roy invited Marty out to his Museum and together they designed the first signature collection for his museum.

    ROCKETBUSTER literally blasted off! Marty located just the right craftsman who had learned the old ways of classic bootmaking. He drew up a complete line of vintage inspired patterns and researched every step of how to make the finest hand made boot.   Soon ROCKETBUSTER was on its way.

    It didn't take long for the world to find out what he was up to. People from around the globe started to call and inquire about how they could get their hands on some ROCKETBUSTER's

 (This was before the internet so it must have been quite the buzz!)

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