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Everything you need to know about ordering boots

         For 33 years ROCKETBUSTER HANDMADE CUSTOM BOOTS has been creating
and building some of the coolest custom boots around.
Soooooo... if you are ready to take the plunge...Here is how it works!  First thing to remember is...There are NO RULES! ...Have fun!... ask questions.  Call us at any point (phone no. above) and we will help you out.  Our GYNORMOUS staff of 13 will hold your hand and walk you through the entire process. From preliminary sketch to architectural finished pattern you approve every step and watch it happen.

         If you can dream it, we can build it!  You don't have to be an artist, that's our job.  Just find your inspiration and we will help you out with the rest.

Step 1.  Go SHOPPING!


Have fun looking through our website and facebook pages. You may find an exact style you like or have a budding idea of one you want to create. Keep those ideas handy or jot them down because anything is possible! Call us up if you want to chat about concepts. We can bat some ideas around and get you in the mix.



Step 2.  PRINT & MAIL 

Our foot tracing form is a foolproof and a surefire way of getting a perfect fit no matter where in the world you live. Download the form, fill it out, and mail it by post to us. (We prefer the ORIGINAL) You will need a sharp pencil or fine point pen and a tape measure (centimeters or inches). The directions are easy. We're happy to assist with any questions or concerns - just give us a call. The form has been working great for over 20 years. It was designed to cross reference certain things and red light us to any trouble spots you might have. So,... NO WORRIES! You will do a great job! Everyone does! We also keep these on file for future projects.




There are tons of toe shapes to choose from. They are all handcarved and built around your foot dimensions. Please choose the toe you want to look down at. Your finished boot will be approximately one inch longer than the tip of your toe regardless of which toe you choose. Narrow point or wide square, we will always make sure your toes have room without making your boot too long! Click on the photo to see all the different toe shapes or click here.


Step 4. TIME  &  MONEY

Making things the old fashioned way takes time. It can take 8 months or way more...actual delivery times are dependent on the designWe are not accepting deadlines at this time.

When your foot tracing is received, a half or third deposit will put you in the queue. We take many forms of payment - including gold bars, vintage doubloons, checks and all major credit cards.



We like to start every CUSTOM pattern with a rough sketch that we can use to estimate the cost of a project. After the general placement of all the design elements has been figured out and approved we fill out the order and attach the foot tracing form. The half deposit is then placed and we move on to the actual pattern. The clock starts on deposit. The final finished pattern will also be submitted for approval when it is completed. It is the exact sized architectural pattern we will use for cutting or carving. 


Step 6. TALK the TALK


This ANATOMY chart will help you become an expert in "boot lingo". Now you can "Talk the Talk" with the best of them or just communicate with us on the phone avoiding any confusion about what you are referring to. YIPEEEEE!




We are always thrilled to show you our process. We can email or post pics on our Instagram and Facebook if you would like to be involved in the birth of your boot. Some folks like the big surprise, but others like to see it happen. US...We just like to show y'all that it's not magic and it takes lots of hard work. Just let us know and we can make it happen!




Before shipping you will receive a call from us to discuss your balance payment method and confirm your shipping address. We ship FedEx 3rd day.  It's fast reliable and a signature IS required. We will always contact you first to let you know when your package will arrive. It is best to ship to an office address to avoid delays. RUSH and OVERNIGHT shipping can be arranged but additional charges will apply.




Having a pair of ROCKETBUSTER BOOTS is like joining a club. You are now family! These boots are our babies and we want to keep them looking good. We can recommend products for proper care and resole'em when you've put some serious mileage on them.  We guarantee our fit and will make any and all adjustments to make sure your ROCKETBUSTERs are ready to party. Welcome to the family!


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